MRT: Access to Jln Bulan from Jln Bkt Bintang closed

MRT Corp informs that access to Jalan Bulan from Jalan Bukit Bintang will be closed to vehicles for a period of four years beginning Saturday (December 1), to facilitate the construction of Bukit Bintang station. Pedestrian access however, is unaffected.

The partial closure of Jalan Bulan will provide the space to accommodate the plant, equipment and supporting site facilities for the D-walling, station excavation and construction.

According to public relations and communications director Amir Mahmood Razak, the closure will not affect vehicles going into the BB Plaza car park, as a large part of Jalan Bulan can still be accessed from the other lane.

“We have already activated our communications plan and public notices to inform the tenants of nearby shopping malls, hotels, car parks, retail and F&B outlets on alternative routes to access the car parks,” Amir said in a statement.

Motorists are advised to be alert of ongoing works in the area. Traffic information will be displayed through the Variable Messaging System (VMS) and adequate signage at the location will redirect vehicles wishing to access Jalan Bulan via Jalan Bulan 1, Lorong Bintang or Jalan Imbi. Safety barriers, hoardings and traffic cones will also be installed at the site.

Other MRT work locations as of now are Jalan Peel (until December 2), SPRINT from Jalan Maarof heading towards Damansara (trial closure until December 5), Jalan Cheras (until December 31), SPRINT from Bukit Kiara to Jalan Maarof (until November 14, 2013) and Jalan Bukit Bintang (until February 2014).

See suggested alternative routes here, and the video on MRT Corp’s Traffic Management Plan for the project here. For more details on the MRT project, you can read an earlier post, visit or call the hotline at 1-800-82-6868.

paul tan


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