Team Scha Alyahya hits the ground running in the Petronas Switch for XTRA Road Challenge! [AD]

You would have heard of Petronas’ latest fun campaign, the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge, on this site, and here’s a recap of what it is all about. The Road Challenge is actually the second phase of the #Switch4XTRA campaign after the Petronas Switch For XTRA Race, which saw fans vote for their favourite celebrities in a virtual popularity race.

The Road Challenge features four famous faces – Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya and Faizal Ismail (FBI) are the three celebrities, while Hanis Zalikha is the celebrity blogger involved – who will travel across Malaysia and complete fun challenges along the way. They won’t be alone though, as each celebrity will be supported by a team of two supporters, who were picked from the top 15 winners of the Switch for XTRA Race.

We previously saw Team Awal at work and this week, we look at Team Scha Alyahya, comprising the actress and teammates Huda Daud and Umadevi Vengdesh. It’s funny that Scha will be up against her husband in this contest – the pretty former Air Asia stewardess got hitched to the popular actor/host in May this year. Lucky guy.

In the Switch for XTRA Road Challenge, each team of three will be sent on a roadtrip to a selected location in Malaysia, where they will need to complete a challenge. To add spice, the challenge can only be completed with the help of the public.

When the teams receive their challenge, the celebrities will “call for help” via their respective social networks, so every fan can play a part, not just the two teammates. The roadtrip challenges will then be posted online as webisodes on the Petronas Brands Youtube channel.

Episode 1 of Team Scha’s adventure is now up on the Petronas Brands Youtube channel, and in this edition, we can see the girls “selling boys” at a Petronas station. The next challenge involves Penang food. Curious? Check out the video above.

In the end, the team with the highest number of collective video views will be crowned champion. The winning team will walk away with RM10,000 cash, which will be divided 50:50 between the two team members. So head to the Petronas Brands Youtube channel to support your favourite personality, or just to find out what they’re up to. Enjoy the show!

Danny Tan loves driving as much as he loves a certain herbal meat soup, and sweet engine music as much as drum beats. He has been in the auto industry since 2006, previously filling the pages of two motoring magazines before joining this website. Enjoys detailing the experience more than the technical details.

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